SYEBC is dedicated to offering the best ebikes available in the UK today in terms of design, reliability and overall performance. We have significant experience in the cycle market and we know what makes a great ebike and what is more important is a satisfied customer.

Anyone choosing an ebike from us, can be assured of the best quality, design, specification, technology, value for money, and  most important of all, a low-maintenance, comfortable and easy to use ebike.

All our ebikes have been chosen with a no-compromise approach. We are based in Rotherham, with a very large car park in which you can test ride any of our bikes. Less than 800 metres away is a very serious hill, for those who really want to test one to the limit. We have two factory trained service engineers together with some of the best ebikes available in the UK.

Anyone choosing a SYEBC ebike will have the peace of mind that their bike will give them long-term satisfaction. Our ebikes aren’t just good, they’re market leaders.

If you’ve never considered an electric bike before you are missing a fantastic opportunity to get fitter, have an easier commute or just unlock the freedom to explore.

Why not pay us a visit and try one of our demo bikes and see for yourself just what you are missing.

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