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    WISPER 806 SE

    Brand: Wisper Gender: Unisex SRP: 1349.00

    WISPER 806 SE Our SE folding bike is based on the Torque version, utilising the same frame, handle bar stem
 and locking mechanisms. The SE folding bike is the perfect option for avid campers, caravaners, boating enthusiasts or for those with restricted storage space. With their very low step over height the 806 SE is also ideal for the rider smaller in stature, however the extensive adjustment range on the seatpost and handle bar stem means the bike can be modified for even the tallest member of the family. Wisper 806 SE available in Red & Black
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    Brand: EBCO Gender: Male SRP: £1799

    EBCO URBAN CITY UCR-60 The UCR-60 features the intelligent M25 middle motor with CanBus/Logix computer diagnostics from TranzX (for more efficient and accurate servicing through your EBCO Service dealer) By integrating the motor into the bottom bracket and connecting directly to the chain ring and adding a ride sensitive torque sensor the acceleration, efficiency and performance are increased. The M25 motor is matched to high level finishing kit including the smooth changing Shimano Nexus hub gear system and a 400wh lithium ion battery giving the UCR-60 a range of 30-45 miles and produces a comfortable and intelligent riding experience. Available in a traditional Roadster frame style with a comfortable upright riding position.

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    EBCO M-35

    Brand: EBCO Gender: Unisex SRP: £1250

    EBCO M-35 M-series combines market leading technology with design lead style resulting in a range of e-bikes that set new standards and raises the bar to a new level . The M-35 uses a unique unisex T6 alloy stylised frame with an integrated battery/rear rack that houses the 36v 400wh battery giving a range of 30 -50 miles. e-power comes from the TranzX F-15 almost silent hi-torque front hub motor incorporating CanBus/Logix computer diagnostic capability which gives more efficient and accurate information for your EBCO service dealer. Packed with a full list of kit including Shimano 7 speed gear system, Tektro V brakes, Kenda K Puncture shield tyres, Comfort saddle and integrated lighting system.

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    Bergamont E-Horizon 6 Gent 2019

    Brand: Bergamont Gender: Male SRP: £2049

    Bergamont E-Horizon 6 Gent 2019 Integration for all! The UNIVERSAL CHASSIS CONCEPT permits the tried-and-tested Bosch PowerPack technology to be integrated to its full potential – without making any compromises. The frame cover, which has been developed in-house, follows the clear-cut lines of the frame design, protects the battery from moisture and dust and allows the PowerPack to be installed and removed with ease. Alongside the Power Tube versions, the powerful Bosch engines deliver pure riding enjoyment and safe handling.
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    Wisper 705 SE 24"

    Brand: Wisper Gender: Female SRP: £1249

    Wisper 705 SE 24 NEW For shorter riders the 705se is available with 24" wheels. Based on the Wisper 705 Torque model, the SE is well styled and features a very adaptable unisex design – that provides a great all around riding experience and represents excellent value for money. The Step-through is Wisper’s go-to bike for most riders and the perfect choice for shopping, commuting or long country rides. Now available with three battery options.
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    Apache Yamka E5 (13Ah)

    Brand: Apache Gender: Female SRP: £1299

    Apache Yamka E5 (13Ah) Introducing the Apache Yamka E5 EMTB. Made with an aluminum frame with sporty geometry and a powerful bafang electric motor built into the rear wheel. The partially integrated battery and the sharp display make this the ideal e-bike for both sports-oriented and recreational cyclists
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    Gepida BERIG 1000 T SLX 10

    Brand: Gepida Gender: Unisex SRP: £2149

    Gepida BERIG 1000 T SLX 10 Trekking Excellence on 26 inch wheels with a Trapez frame style. This bike is exactly as the 'Berig 1000' but with the lower cross-bar for easier standing over the frame for both male & female riders.
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    Gepida Berig Deore 10

    Brand: Gepida Gender: Male SRP: £2399

    Gepida Berig Deore 10 Looking for somting a bit different then the Gepida Berig is for you!! Looks and rides like a EMTB but has the luxury specification of a commuter bike with mudguards front and rear lights to name just a few.
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    Gepida Reptila 900 Nexus 8

    Brand: Gepida Gender: Unisex SRP: £2099

    Gepida Reptila 900 Nexus 8 The Gepida Reptila 900 is all about being comfortable, nimble and easy to use whether your an experienced rider or getting back on a bike after a long break, making the Reptila 900 simply the very best all-rounder and a TOP SELLER in class.
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    Bergamont E-Revox 4

    Brand: Bergamont Gender: Male SRP: £2350

    Bergamont E-Revox 4 The new E-REVOX makes just as strong an impression with its looks as with its technology. The attractive E-MTB hardtail is based on the UNIVERSAL CHASSIS CONCEPT, making it possible to select from the new, fully integrated Bosch PowerTube and the tried-and-tested PowerPack without making any compromises. The E-REVOX is in its element when ridden off-road. The sophisticated, field-tested geometry ensures the handling is spectacularly confident. The new Bosch eMTB mode offers to
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