Apache Manitou E3 (16ah)

Brand: Apache Gender: Unisex SRP: £1499


Charge Time Up to 6 Hours
Avg. Runtime Up to 70 Miles
Max. Speed 15.5 mph (25 Kmph)
Weight 21.3kg
Gears 3 x 9 Shimano Acera

Overview / Summary

A Mountain bike with innovatively shaped aluminum frame, partially integrated battery and highest version of the rear hub targeting the sporty and recreational cyclists of all ages and performance groups. Its forte is mostly forest paths and footpaths, but it is not strange to rides along roads or bike trails. The comfort ensures not only fine-tuned geometry but also a rich basic fitting with air intake, hydraulic disc brakes and stable 27.5 "wheels.

Key properties:

  • Completely redesigned aluminum frame with sporty cut geometry and a partially integrated battery
  • Powerful Apache Power Silent Plus propulsion system with Bafang rear-wheel drive
  • LG lithium ion battery pack with a capacity of 16 Ah (576 Wh)
  • Air inlet SR Suntour XCR 32 LO-R Air with lock out


Apache Power Silent Plus propulsion system with Bafang electric motor located in the centre of the rear wheel. In normal riding mode, this power unit has a nominal output of 250 W and a maximum torque of 45 Nm. After switching to the off-road mode, the motor output increases by another 100 W up to 350 W giving you even more torque. The higher setting of the motor thanks to smart software can be easily changed at any time, including the ability to increase and decrease the level of assist. PLEASE NOTE, OFF-ROAD MODE MUST ONLY BE USED ON PRIVATE LAND WITH THE LAND OWNERS PERMISSION. IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE THE 350W IN ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES.


The old lower frame battery has been replaced by a modern Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 16 Ah (576 Wh) and a range of up to 70 miles per charge. Of course, there is the presence of a smart control system that protects the battery from overheating, short circuiting or overcharging. The total travel distance depends, in addition to the capacity of the battery, on the terrain profile, weight of the rider and the riding style.


The Apache LCD compact display comes with, an integrated push button and many useful functions. The display is located on the left hand side of the handlebars and its compact design takes up less space than conventional displays. Using the buttons, you can simply select the level of assist to help and switch between the various functions of the computer. In addition to the selected level of assist, the display shows time, speed, distance, travel, and battery status.


This E3 comes with SR Suntour XCR 32 AIR LO-R air cushion with 100 mm stroke with lock out, Remerx Rock wide wheels, and last but not least, the Shimano Acera with a 3 speed front crank and a 9 speed cassette. The Shimano range also comes with the Hyderabad's hydraulic disc brakes, the Acera M396, wide handlebars, a short stem. The comfy saddle is provided by Czech producer Spectro.


The base of the Hawk series is a completely redesigned aluminum frame with a partially integrated battery. The geometry of the frame offers a very comfortable but still sporty riding position. A soft saddle and ergonomically shaped grips contribute to increased comfort. Thanks to the diameter of the wheels, the Hawk is very vibrant and agile, and the wide handlebars clamped in a short stance also help the great handlin

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Apache Manitou E3 (16ah)

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