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    Apache Yamka E5 (13Ah)

    Brand: Apache Gender: Female SRP: £1299

    Apache Yamka E5 (13Ah) Introducing the Apache Yamka E5 EMTB. Made with an aluminum frame with sporty geometry and a powerful bafang electric motor built into the rear wheel. The partially integrated battery and the sharp display make this the ideal e-bike for both sports-oriented and recreational cyclists
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    Apache Hawk E3

    Brand: Apache Gender: Unisex SRP: £1399

    Apache Hawk E3 A mountain bike with an innovative aluminum frame, a partially integrated battery and the top spec version of electric motor. Aimed at sport-based and recreational bikers of all ages and abilities. Its home is mostly forest paths and footpaths, but it is no stranger to roads or bike trails. Comfort is ensured by not only the fine-tuned geometry but also hydraulic disc brakes and stable 29-inch wheels
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    Apache Wakan City

    Brand: Apache Gender: Unisex SRP: £1149

    Apache Wakan City The Apache Wakan is a man-made e-bike designed to ride in urban surroundings. With a lightweight aluminum frame with comfortable geometry and a full range of comfortable amenities, your day-to-day travel through the streets will not only make you feel more comfortable, with thanks to the silent motor located in the center of the rear wheel.
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    Apache E Trike

    Brand: Apache Gender: Unisex SRP: £1100

    Apache E Trike The Apache E Trike is the ideal means of transport for both older & younger riders. With Nexus 3 Speed gearing and up to 25 miles run time this is a great trike for all sorts of occasions.

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