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    Gepida BERIG 1000 T SLX 10

    Brand: Gepida Gender: Unisex SRP: £2149

    Gepida BERIG 1000 T SLX 10 Trekking Excellence on 26 inch wheels with a Trapez frame style. This bike is exactly as the 'Berig 1000' but with the lower cross-bar for easier standing over the frame for both male & female riders.
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    Gepida Berig Deore 10

    Brand: Gepida Gender: Male SRP: £2399

    Gepida Berig Deore 10 Looking for somting a bit different then the Gepida Berig is for you!! Looks and rides like a EMTB but has the luxury specification of a commuter bike with mudguards front and rear lights to name just a few.
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    Gepida Reptila 900 Nexus 8

    Brand: Gepida Gender: Unisex SRP: £2099

    Gepida Reptila 900 Nexus 8 The Gepida Reptila 900 is all about being comfortable, nimble and easy to use whether your an experienced rider or getting back on a bike after a long break, making the Reptila 900 simply the very best all-rounder and a TOP SELLER in class.

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